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Sometimes the “cure” of psychotherapy is worse than whatever disease you might be in therapy for. This is certainly true of this psychotherapist – yes, moi. I’ve been hyper-thinking lately and, to answer Dr. Phil, no it’s not really working for me. Introspection, journaling, getting in touch with my feelings, and increasing self-awareness – logical tools in the heady realm of self-analysis – sometimes go awry.

I’ve been awry lately. Very very awry. And my handy therapist’s toolbox is making it worse.

Here’s what’s been saving my sanity lately:

Venting at the top of my lungs on Judi’s answering machine

The F word

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert


Guitar Hero on Wii

My new church – AMC Fellowship – did I mention movies are $5 before noon on Sunday?

A night of packing books, eating nachos, drinking daquiri’s, and playing – you guessed it – Guitar Hero at Caren’s

Friday night open grill on the patio at our place

My new bike

…these are good for what ails me

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