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Sometimes the “cure” of psychotherapy is worse than whatever disease you might be in therapy for. This is certainly true of this psychotherapist – yes, moi. I’ve been hyper-thinking lately and, to answer Dr. Phil, no it’s not really working for me. Introspection, journaling, getting in touch with my feelings, and increasing self-awareness – logical tools in the heady realm of self-analysis – sometimes go awry.

I’ve been awry lately. Very very awry. And my handy therapist’s toolbox is making it worse.

Here’s what’s been saving my sanity lately:

Venting at the top of my lungs on Judi’s answering machine

The F word

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert


Guitar Hero on Wii

My new church – AMC Fellowship – did I mention movies are $5 before noon on Sunday?

A night of packing books, eating nachos, drinking daquiri’s, and playing – you guessed it – Guitar Hero at Caren’s

Friday night open grill on the patio at our place

My new bike

…these are good for what ails me

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First I was out of town. Then I was out of sorts. As a result of these conditions I was out of words for several days. It goes that way sometimes.

Today I heard a delightful conversation on NPR regarding the opening of Sex and the City, the movie.  A blogger at the Chicago Tribune has taken it upon himself to stand in solidarity with his gender and resist the pressure men may be getting from the significant women in their lives. He offers a “get out of seeing the sex and the city movie” coupon here, invoking the manhood of William Wallace, Rocky Balboa, Clint Eastwood, Brad Pitt, and several other manly characters in his quest to resist. It’s cute.

Personally I’m not a sex in the city kind of gal. Neither bows the size of Texas on a dress, nor $700 Jimmy Choo stilettos make it onto my feminine radar. So it’s a bit hard to relate.

I’m curious though, about you. How about it? Sex and the City, anyone?

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