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I’ve had an explosion since yesterday, in my mind. A vein of gold. I hardly know what to say now, I’m so full of ideas.

Motherlessness, let’s see…I had a mother of course, as we all did. Mine was fine. Good enough, as they used to say in certain psychological circles. According to object relations theory, “good enough mothering” insures that whatever wound we carry in our soul doesn’t fracture our mind. Inadequate mothering, however, and we could end up as a dreaded Borderline Personality Disorder. Of course no one knows just how good good enough will be until we either do or don’t end up on Axis II.

But I digress…(Honestly, what did we do before Wikipedia?)

Still, motherlessness is a wound to the soul. But what is it, for those of us who actually have (or had) a mother?

I leave you with the words of Karen Miller, from yesterday’s comments section:

(but only because I have to go to work)

“There it is. There is your empty. There is your full. It is your motherless child and your childless mother. It is not the end, as you know. We weep.”

…more on this, I promise.

Meanwhile, talk to me. What are your stories of motherlessness? Can you relate?

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