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I’m here in New York City, trying to cope with all the happiness. Maybe I’ll have a backlash tomorrow, but I’m savoring my new love – the Big Apple. Friday the Jens (Jen1, Jen2) insisted we take the train to Manhattan. The rain that was forecast didn’t show, and we had sunshine with blue skies instead. Coming out of the subway into Time Square, I felt like Dorothy stepping into Oz. I started smiling and found it hard, try as I might, to stop.

Minutes later, we walked up to a barricade at 7th Avenue, where people gawked and held their cell phones for a picture. The President was in town. Of the United States. Yes, him. And he drove through with his pals on the motorcycles and in the black Suburbans – a veritable entourage. The things you just happen upon in the City…(honestly I was quite non-plussed. a little pissed, actually, that it was him and not someone more interesting, but hey, who can say “I saw the prez the other day?” I felt special that he showed up just for me, and right on time.)

Yesterday we strolled around Brooklyn, caught a burger at the diner, and shopped at a couple of local markets. Today we were on the upper West Side, having breakfast at Cafe Lalo with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Not really, but it could have happened. I had the best oatmeal ever.

Luckily Jen’s girls got cranky or I would have gone over the happiness edge.

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