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Goodbye, Sophie

I’ve decided to shut down the blog. This one anyway. I may leave presumed2Bme up for awhile, in case I want to talk about nail polish or something.

Blogging was a great adventure for me for about 5 years, but I’m ready to move on and spend my energy on vocafemina instead. 

I loved having a place to try out my voice, and the thrill of saying things and dealing with the exposure of it was good for me. But you can probably tell my dedication has been waning lately. Some things were just too hard to put into words. Some things were too personal to write about. And some things only I was interested in.

So goodbye Sophie, for now. And please tune into vocafemina instead. We should be posted and ready to go early in January.

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Day 2


It’s warmer today, and less windy. We were able to get into the water – it’s a little chilly – but there’s no swimming, really. The surf is a little too powerful on the Atlantic side. Maybe Ted will get up the nerve to take a boogie board out there, but the beach patrol isn’t recommending it.

The thing I like most about this particular stretch of Florida coast, at this particular time of year, is that all the people on the beach are old and pudgy, like us. Some older, some pudgier, some with leathery saggy skin from too much sun. I love them all!


When we’d had our fill of salty waves, we spent an hour in the pool, floating aimlessly. A little lunch on the patio, a little gloating  blogging, and I’m thinking it’s a great day.

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Palm Trees in December


It’s the ocean. We’re here in Florida, and although it’s incredibly windy today, the temperature is perfect for a walk on the beach. Perfect enough for this mountain dweller,  raised in the Black Hills of South Dakota, and currently living next to the Rocky Mountains. For me, the hills are home, while the ocean remains a fascinating, exotic stranger.

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Introducing Voca Femina


Banner art by the fabulous Jennifer Herrick

Banner art by the fabulous Jennifer Herrick


Yes, I’ve been negligent about the blog. But it’s because I’ve been excited about launching a new website created by Kathy Escobar, Jennifer Herrick, and myself, called Voca Femina

This is an invitation, really, for anyone who likes to write, paint, take photos or encourage those who do. 

Voca femina means a woman’s voice. The feminine voice is powerful, creative, life-giving, and beautiful. We’re here to celebrate it. We’re a group of friends providing space, audience, and support for the creative voices of women in our world. 

We believe there can never be too many venues for women to try out their voices. We know lots of powerful, creative women who have beautiful things to say, who may never land a book contract, fill an art gallery, or cut a record deal. Voca Femina is about giving us all a place to share, a place to grow. We hope you will listen, respond, encourage, and, most of all, participate. – From the sidebar.

Please go over and take a sneak peek at our site-under-construction and seriously consider contributing something to the cause. We hope to create an online community of women who love to try out their voices on each other and the world. Read through the dream, gander at the quotes, and peruse the guidelines for submission, and then send something our way. Or take a look at the site and send us an email at vocafemina@gmail.com. 




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